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Dave White is a larger than life, adrenaline fuelled sportsman whose ‘do or die’ approach to everything he does has seen him claim not only a host of titles, but also the windsurfing production-board world speed record. While there aren’t many watersports this son of an Olympic gold-winning yachtsman hasn’t tried, windsurfing remains his true love – but it is photography that has become his mistress.

Dave, who hails from Brightlingsea, Essex, first picked up a camera in 1982 to capture his beloved sport, and immediately became hooked. It wasn’t long before his pictures started appearing in national and international magazines, and his interest in photography quickly grew and developed into the all-consuming passion that has resulted in the stunning imagery in this portfolio.

These days, if Dave isn’t taking pictures he’s thinking about taking pictures, sitting in front of his Mac processing pictures, or in the workshop inventing some new carbon-based gadget that may allow him to house multiple flash units for capturing night-time action, or mount his camera on a moving object to get a different perspective. Although Dave’s lens will usually be pointed at something fast moving, as you can see from the pictures that follow, his talents are by no means limited to action photography.

When the wind isn’t blowing, Dave’s creative eye turns to landscapes, portraits - and even the occasional wedding.


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